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Help students study more efficiently

Index what was said or visually presented in class.

Search for specific moments in a class video.

Generate personalized study guides linking class discussions to additional resources.

Pilot LearningClues Pilot LearningClues at your Institution

Help students seeking help

Value to Institutions

CONNECT your Institution’s educational platforms!

  • learning management systems
  • eTextbook
  • lecture capture
  • and more

Use LearningClues to connect the platforms based on what was discussed in class.

Value to Students

Students don’t necessarily make the connections between what is discussed in class and the external resources they have access to.

Use LearningClues to provide a way for students to search class videos and generate study guides.

Pilot LearningClues at your Institution Pilot LearningClues

Meet the team

PERRY SAMSON — Heads LearningClues and is a Climate and Space Engineering professor and serial entrepreneur at the University of Michigan and is a member of the Michigan Institute for Data Science.

KEVYN COLLINS-THOMPSON — Head of AI for LearningClues and is an Associate Professor in the UM School of Information and the Dept. of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. He also heads the UM Artificial Intelligence Lab and is a member of the Michigan Institute for Data Science.